First Honeylink Bluetooth PDF temperature datalogger is released to market

2018-12-14 10:40:44 235

data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology

M600 Bluetooth temperature datalogger comes to the market.  M600 is high accuracy detection instrument with nice outlook, small shape and convenient for carry-on. User can read data collected by instrument with cell phones App Bluetooth .  Meanwhile, User can read PDF temperature report with PC USB, without any software.

This product is valid for 24 months in goods shelf. It can be used for domestic logistics and transoceanic transportation of milk, medicine, meat, sea food, flower and etc. , to decrease the step of opening box and checking the quality. The device offers reliable temperature figure for exporter and receiver. 

The benefits of M600 BLE data loggers:

•Log the temperature and generate PDF report along the entire cold chain transportation 

 •BLE Connection through APP, Package open free to get report at transit 

 •Cost-effective and reliable•Download date from Honeylink cloud on line 

•Auto generating PDF report through USB, no additional software required 

•Small, light and flat design 

•IP67 waterproof and food compatible 

 •GDP and EN12830 compliant